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zip ⇐ →.rar ⬆️ Next page: Windows 8/10 » Q: API admin access: disallow access to the keys for making requests without admin access I have an API created with CodeIgniter which requires an admin user to signup with their email address and password. I have set up the users table in the database and created a bunch of them, however I've realised that I have now written all the code to make the requests to the API so they should be accessible by everyone. The one I have the most concern over is the GET request that would make up a new user. $params = array( 'fields' => 'id, first_name, last_name', 'email' => $this->input->post('email'), 'password' => $this->input->post('password'), 'hash_crypt' => $this->input->post('password'), 'token' => uniqid() ); // Create the new user $response = $this->users_model->create_user($params); The API's documentation has a very basic example of how to add users, and that example doesn't include the md5() function which I need, so I've had to look elsewhere. I looked around for a bit but couldn't find anything conclusive. Is it possible to disallow public access to the md5() function or the create_user() function and maybe the update_user() function as well? A: md5 is not a hash function, it is a pseudo-random function that is used to create a hashed value from the input parameters passed. It would be possible to create a dedicated hashing function in PHP, but it would not provide a good level of security. If you are not willing to disallow all users, the only way to secure your API from unauthorized access is through rate limiting. Rate limiting is a bit of an overkill for a single API call, but it can be easily implemented with simple database queries. Epic Gets Its Own Architecture Epic Games, best known for “




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PCI Realtek RTL8201CL 10 100 LAN PHY Driver Windows 7rar daynico
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